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Exploring the  Mind

The goal of Insight Meditation Investigations (IMI) is twofold: to promote the practice of Insight Meditation, or Vipassana (Pali), and to further the scientific understanding of the impact that this practice and similar practices like mindfulness may have. To this aim we organise and support Vipassana retreats as well as empirical data collections. We work closely together with the Dutch Insight Meditation foundation (SIM) with renowned teachers and organise retreats and meditation classes throughout Europe.

In our research projects we endorse a combination of approaches and technologies like EEG, NIRS, but also phenomenological approaches. We collaborate with several universities including, Tilburg University (Tilburg), Radboud University (Nijmegen) and La Sapienza University (Rome) and initiatives like Consciousness Mindfulness Compassion (CMC) and Mind Brain Mindfulness (MBM). We are seated in the Netherlands. 

Learn more about our retreats,  research projects, and meditation activities below.

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